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November 2008

St. John, US Virgin Islands

Where to find some GREAT travel information

I just thought I'd share my FAVORITE resource for St. John information, photos, and just a good dose of island fun when you need a pick me up.


If you love the islands, pick a fun screen name and register. It's free and it's an amazing group of people.

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An Island's Siren Song....

I'll be heading down to St. John in a couple of weeks. It's actually sort of difficult to get "in the mood" for island time when the leaves are falling to the ground, the skies are gray and thick with clouds, and the temperatures are dropping. So, I dug out this poem that I wrote a few years ago. THIS is why I am so drawn to the Caribbean. There is a sense of calm, peace, and oneness with the island that overtakes me when I am there.


Bottle green trees, glass aqua water,
cerulean sky,
all flirt with my senses
and flaunt contentedly for my attention
seducing me with breezy caresses
and light, salty kisses.

I am captivated,
content to lie forever
in the sugary sand
with only the warm sun
gently wrapping my skin.
The sun feels like satin on my cheek.
Black dimpled sea grapes tickle my open palm
and the faint scent of fish and salt and sea
breathe calm into my lungs.

The water dances before my eyes,
diamonds shimmering in the haze,
And frosty condensation drips
lazily from my glass
as I bring the cool, sweet rum
to my parched lips.

The Island’s seduction is complete,
now adorned
by the sun’s intimate rays
and I am lost in it.
I’m content to spend
my days lying here.

No longer myself,
now a part of the sun
and the sand and the sea,
waving gracefully in the breeze
tall and lithe as a palm
drifting in the azure water.

In the evening, sun-baked
and exhausted from surf and sand,
I will fall asleep
to the music of the waves.

I have arrived.

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