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March 2011

Spring and Summer Preview!!

Where am I heading next?

I am currently on a short (3 month) travel hiatus to get some work done, get in shape, and let the excitement build up for the great spring and summer travel plans that I have in the hopper.

Okay, that's not COMPLETELY the truth. I did sneak off last weekend for a quick visit to NYC and Atlantic City. My husband wanted to gamble and I wanted to eat, so we made a quick 2 days of it. The highlights:

Amazing dinner at Toloache, a little Mexican restaurant in the Theater District of NYC. What a find! A "to die for" house margarita and wonderful food in a very warm atmosphere:


We had some time to kill before our Broadway show so we headed over to Carnegie Deli for my favorite cheesecake. Somehow, we ended up with a coconut cream pie and a strawberry shortcake too....


Then it was off to orchestra seats for Jersey Boys! What a GREAT show. However, we had taken my best friend's 5 year old daughter with us, not knowing much about the show. We see a big sign as we walk in that says, "Jersey Boys is not recommended for all ages. The show contains smoke, gun shots, strobe lights, drug references, sexual situations and profane “authentic Jersey language.” Uh-oh.


I asked 5 year old Ariana the next morning what she thought of the show. She looked very thoughtful for a minute and then looked me dead in the eye and said, "Awkward."

From the mouths of babes......

After the show I had to grab a slice from Ray's. Yes, it said "Famous Original Ray's" but every Ray's in NYC claims it is the "original" Ray's...so who really knows?


Sunday it was off to Atlantic City so the boys could spend a sweaty 12 hours in the smoky poker room while the girls spent a BLISSFUL day at the Toccare Spa at the Borgata. This spa was wonderful. We had 3 one-hour treatments and in between each one, we were able to relax in the luxurious lounge with snacks and juices or retire to the steam and hot tub room where we could soak our woes away under a warm waterfall.


The evening was spent with dinner and wine at Wolfgang Puck's in the Borgata. We stayed at the Water Club and the rooms were super comfy. I could have spent a week in that huge shower.


By 3 am, when my husband still hadn't returned from the poker room, I had a choice. 1) Go down to find him and risk throwing off his mojo if he was winning, 2) Go down and demand he quit, mojo or no mojo, or 3) Leave him be and hope he was winning enough money to cover my 5 hour stint in the spa.....yeah, I went to bed.

Then, the whirlwind was over and it was home again, home again.

So, where to next? Here's what's coming folks:

April: Kauai, HI

May: Seaside, FL & Guana Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

July: Key West, FL & Christiansburg, VA

August: Maine & the east coast of Canada

That should keep me busy.

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Sanford, FL Top 10!

A weekend fishing trip with the folks leads to some big fun.

We recently ran my folks down to Sanford, FL for a few days so that the boys could fish. Sanford is close to one of the best bass fishing rivers in the US, the St. Johns River, and mom and I decided to tag along and see what kind of trouble we could get into. It wasn't a high profile location but we managed to find some fun all the same. Here's my "Top 10" list from this quick 2 day trip:

#1: I got to hug the Big Tree.

The Big Tree, also known as The Senator, is the largest known cypress in the U.S. Estimated at 3500 years old, almost 18 feet in diameter, and 188 feet tall, it's certainly the oldest and fattest senator I have hugged to date.


#2: I saw several glorious sunrises over the St. Johns River.

I dropped the boys off at the fishing boat launch each morning just as the sun was coming up. Each morning, I took a few extra minutes to sit and watch the sky change from cool blue, to purple, to glorious orange.


#3: I kissed a fish at Victorio's Oyster Bar.

Katy Perry may have kissed a girl, but I kissed a fish....and I liked it. This big ugly guy was in a large fish tank that ran the length of the restaurant. He kept swimming by my head until finally, the waitress said, "He wants you to kiss him." So, I puckered up. He puckered right back.


#4: I had a plastic glass of wine at Gator's Riverside.

When you travel a lot and you get the opportunity to go to a lot of cool restaurants, sometimes it's nice to just let it all hang out at a local dive and be reminded that great food can come on a paper plate.


#5: I got to Sei Love in New Smyrna Beach.

NSB was a quaint, laid back little beach town that reminded me of the places we used to travel when I was a kid. On a great shopping street that leads to the beach, Flagler Ave., lined with cute cafes and great shops, I found Sei Love, an adorable clothing boutique where I found more than a few great things to take home.


#6: I got to take Mom shopping and convinced her to buy cool, hip clothes.

I'm not sure what the best part of the day spent shopping at Orlando Premium outlets was...the 70% off sale I found at Seven For All Mankind or talking my mom into trying on some super cool clothes that she ended up loving...and buying...and wearing.


#7: My Dad got to catch a "prize winning huge" bass.

While Mom and I tore it up shopping, the guys fished. Dad ended up catching a HUGE bass that made the fishing guide's "Prize Bass" page, a memory Dad will never forget.


#8: I got to take my mom to Disney for her first time.

Can you believe it? My mom had never been to Disney. My grandparents took us when we were kids. I didn't realize this was on my Mom's bucket list and we crossed it off in style!


#9: I got to see the ocean.

It might have been a gray day, but the ocean is the ocean and it always fills me with a sense of joy. Sanford is only about 35 minutes from several great beaches.


#10: I got to spend a glorious few days with my family.

Nothing's better than that, now is it?


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